Do keto pills work?

Prior to KetoSavior™ and KetoGuardian™, there were only two types of keto supplements: exogenous ketones and starch blockers.  Exogenous ketones may have a place during the Induction Phase of ketogenic diets (see “Should I take exogenous ketones?”), which typically lasts until around day 4 of the diet, but should not be used to enhance ketosis, despite being marketed as such. 

Starch blockers can enhance ketosis during “cheat days” and meals containing large amounts of starch, but most people on ketogenic diets don’t have much use for them.  Blocking the breakdown of starch into smaller digestible sugars would be beneficial to reducing blood glucose and insulin secretion, but starchy vegetables are considered “bad” carbohydrate sources, so aren’t consumed in large quantities on the diet anyway. 

At best, starch blockers can have an effect on only part of one of the four processes used to enhance ketosis.  It will suppress starch breakdown which will suppress SOME of the carbohydrates absorbed by the intestines, however, these only help with starch and have no effect on simple sugars or starch breakdown products, or any other target for enhanced ketosis.

Until now, there was nothing on the market that could target the other three biological processes that can be utilized to enhance ketosis (see the Enhancing Ketosis FAQ page).  However, there is plenty of research in the scientific literature that describes botanical extracts and how they impact these processes. 

In fact, there are many botanical choices that will impact these.  However, there are also a lot of botanicals that both help and hurt ketosis at the same time.  This is especially important when looking at diabetic botanical extracts.  For example, berberine is a supplement that many diabetics take. 

It does a good job lowering post-prandial glucose and fasting blood glucose.  However, some of the ways it does that is by increasing the number of β-cells in the pancreas (more cells to make insulin) and directly increases the insulin released due to glucose in the blood. 

Additionally, it can stimulate free fatty acids (fat broken down) into inducing the secretion of insulin.  This is the exact opposite of what we are trying to achieve with enhancing ketosis.

In order to truly enhance ketosis, any keto supplement should focus on all four processes. These processes are:

The main focus has to be on limiting the impact of insulin by eliminating as much glucose in the blood as safely possible.  For full discussion on each of the processes, click above to be taken to that section of the Enhancing Ketosis FAQ.

In order to purchase keto supplements specifically formulated to enhance ketosis through all four processes, see our Products Page.

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